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Upcoming Changes

Membership Fee Adjustment:

For new members, the membership fee will increase by $3. However, all existing monthly rates will remain the same. So, if you are currently paying $25 per month (or have done so before Dec 1), your monthly rate will remain at $25.

Booking Rates Increase:

Starting soon, all bookings will see a modest increase of $.50 (50 cents) per hour. This means that if you reserve a court for 2 hours, the price will go up by $1, and so on.

We understand that things are getting busier at Cross Court, which is a positive sign of growth. However, this also means that we need to implement some changes to ensure our serious and professional members have better access to court time.

Exclusive Booking Period for Pro and Serious Members:

Starting in December, we'll be testing a new system to alleviate booking pressure. Pro will have an exclusive booking period until 9 am. At 9am we will add Serious members until noon at which time we will open up bookings for all members. This will help ensure a fair and balanced opportunity for court reservations.

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