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CrossCourt Culture

CrossCourt Pickleball was created by ,husband and wife team, Steve and Deanna Skinner to help fill the need for a full time indoor pickleball facility in Halifax NS.

"The guiding principal behind every decision we make, from pricing to offering and what we ask of our our members, is simply 'Do the right thing'. We commit to you that in every interaction we will try and do just that, and in return we ask you to do the same. Whether it is using the space and the system within the intention it was created or in the way that you treat each other, no matter what we need to be kind first and competitive second.

Together, we have the opportunity to grow the community of Pickleball in

Nova Scotia and create something really great."

-Steve and Deanna

Pickleball Ratings

Ratings are a hot a topic, they are often very subjective but at the same time they have a big impact on the enjoyment each person gets from a game. For example, if a person who has a rating of 2.5 signs up to play with 3 other people who are 4.0 it can be disheartening for the 2.5 player and frustrating for the 4.0 players (unless it was planned.)

Our goal is to not only build a system that allows people to play at their own level but also to provide transparency and growth opportunities to help players gain new skills and play in games that have increasingly higher skill levels.

Higher level play will require players to earn their ratings using the Pickleball Brackets System. We will provide "rated play" drop in opportunities throughout the schedule where we will log your games into Brackets and help you to build your ratings. We think this will provide players with a sense of accomplishment as they see their ratings increase. It will also leave no doubt when you are ready to play at the higher levels. 

Self Managed

The entire system is built off of our "do the right thing" policy. We will not micromanage you when you book a court or when you buy a bottle of Gatorade. Everything will be self serve. In this way we can create a system that can sustain itself and, in doing so, allow us all to enjoy this sport even more than we already do!

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