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There are so many ways to practice and play at Cross Court! Check out below for descriptions of the activities you will see listed on our schedule. 

Court Rental

Court rentals are a private court booking to use as you please. Whether it's playing some games with your friends, training with a partner, or a solo drill session with our ball machine, the court is yours! (The ball machine is available to rent by the hour for an additional $10.)

Group Lessons

Interested in learning how to play Pickleball? Join us on a Monday night for our 2-hour Intro to Pickleball lessons. Registration opens on Monday mornings but are typically booked a fewed weeks in advance due to their high demand. Visit our lessons and leagues page to sign up.

Skills & Drills

Skills & Drills is a 1 hour structured training session, facilitated by a qualified coach. Sessions are open to all levels and participants will be placed on a court with others of similar ability. Bring your paddle and a can do attitude! 

Drop-In Play

Drop-in play is a 2 hour session. You must be a member to participate and you must sign up online to reserve your spot. (Sign up 7 days in advance to increase your likelyhood of getting in!) Games are played first to 11 with winners staying on the court and splitting up. Each drop-in session is organized by skill level. Sign up for the level that best suits your current pickleball rating (CLICK HERE for our Pickleball self rating guide.) Remember to bring your own paddle and have fun!

League Play

League play is a weekly program that provides the opportunity to play with a consistant group of people at your skill level. Leagues will run with a specific game format. Format options include, ladder, round robin, and team play and will be predeterminded before each league registeration. 


We know how much fun Pickleball tournaments can be and we want to bring that fun competitive energy to Cross Court! Club tournaments will be organzied rotating through mixed doubles, mens/womens doubles, and singles divisions with specific skill levels. 

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