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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to be a member to play at CrossCourt?

A: You have to be a member to do everything at CrossCourt with 3 exceptions.

Exception #1: A member can invite a non-member as their guest to their court rental. Members are responsible for their guest's conduct while visiting our space and as well as unlocking the door for them upon arrival.

Exception #2: If you would like to sign up for Pickleball Basics (a beginner 4-week program) you do not need to be a member.

Exception #3: A member can ask a non-member to sub for them in a league. 

Q: Do I have to bring my own equipment?

A: You must always bring your own paddle. Balls are supplied for drop-ins, leagues, tournaments, and lessons. Court rentals (including private leagues) do not include balls, you must bring your own.


Q: Do I have to fill out the activity waiver form (paper version located in the lounge area)?

A: All members agreed to all terms and conditions included on the activity waiver form at the time of membership purchase and therefore do not need to fill out a physical copy (a digital version of the waiver was included at checkout). If you are not a member (guest) you must fill out the activity waiver form prior to participating in any activity at the CrossCourt facility. 

Q: What type of shoes are permitted on the courts?

A: Non-marking indoor shoes are required on our courts. These shoes need to be dry, clean, and checked for tiny rocks before each session. Besides the carpeted lounge area upon entering CrossCourt, the entire facility is indoor footwear only. (You will see signage to remind you.) Please help us keep our courts in good condition by wearing proper footwear.

Q: How late can I cancel my court booking or drop-in spot?

A: If you cancel at least 24 hours before your court booking or drop-in session you will receive a credit to your account to be used in the future for the exact item you purchased. If you cancel within 24 hours of your court booking or drop-in session you will not be refunded for your purchase.  

Q: What happens if CrossCourt cancels a class?

A: There are 2 instances where CrossCourt will cancel a class:


#1 Classes that are lead by an instructor will be canceled due to weather or instructor illness. You will be credited the class to your account to use for the next time you book in for that session OR If it is the basics program, your will be notified of a make up date.

#2 League sessions will only be canceled due to weather. You will be notified of a make up date. (Leauges will run on the dates that were provided at registration even if the dates fall on a holiday.)

Q: How do I rent the ball machine?

A: To rent the ball machine you must book a court and then book the ball machine for the same time as your court rental. Prior to your first ball machine rental you must watch our instructions video on how to opperate the machine. 

Q: I want to learn how to play Pickleball OR I am a beginner pickleball player, do you offer lessons?

A: We have a few options for lessons:


Click Here to pre-register for our 4-week Pickleball Basics session. We will contact you when we are organizing our next session to offer you a spot. There are only 8 spots available per session.


Click Here to contact us about setting up a private or semi-private lesson. (We will discuss different format options/ dates & times with you.)

Q: What do i need to know before i book the ball machine?

A: First book your court, the ball machine is meant to go with an existing court rental. Then watch this video. The ball machine may only be used on courts 1 & 3 (court 2 it too hard to block off). Make sure you block off the entrance to your court, and finally make sure you plug the machine back in when you are finished.

Q: Do you maintain a spare list for leagues?

A: No, once a player commits to the four weeks they are responsible for the spot and would need to find their own sub if they needed to miss a week.

Q: How do I change my credit card on file?

A: Here is how:

  1. Go to "Book NOW!" on the CrossCourt website.

  2. Click on "My Account" near a class schedule or booking option. 

  3. Log in if you haven't already.

  4. Click "Profile Info" on the right.

  5. Scroll down to the "Card Info" section.

    • To edit a saved credit card, click on the "pencil icon".​

    • To add a new credit card, click "Add a card".

  6. Enter your credit card information, and click "Save".

    • Country is set to the United States by default.​


NOTE: You cannot update your credit card on the mindbody app. 

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