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Cross Court Newsletter April 2nd

CrossCourt Pickleball Newsletter

Continuing Our Dual Facility Era!

Today, as we celebrate the ongoing expansion of CrossCourt Pickleball, we're thrilled to remind you of our two amazing facilities available for you! Whether you're swinging by 200 Bluewater Rd. or gearing up at 1380 Harbour Rd., your membership opens up a world of opportunities. With our courts ready and waiting, your next game is just a booking away. Discover more about our vibrant locations on our About the Space page.

Booking and Schedule Check Reminder

As we welcome more members into our CrossCourt family, the importance of checking your schedule after every booking cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re set to play at the correct venue and time. This small step goes a long way in keeping our community organized and our games flowing smoothly.

Celebrating Our First Week of Full Offerings in Dartmouth

It’s our first week offering the full suite of CrossCourt activities in Dartmouth, and the excitement is palpable! We ask for your patience and understanding as we fine-tune operations to ensure that your experience is nothing short of fantastic. We’re committed to delivering the best pickleball experience and appreciate your support as we grow.

Bedford League Opportunities

Dive into our diverse range of leagues in Bedford, designed for various skill levels and preferences:

  • Men’s 3.0 Sundays at 5 PM

  • Men’s 3.25 Sundays at 5 PM (Earned rating required, please message to inquire)

  • Competitive Team Tournament Training Sundays at 7 PM (Message to inquire)

  • Women’s 3.0+ Tuesdays at 12 PM

  • Women’s 3.0+ Thursdays at 4 PM

  • Women’s Novice Thursdays at 2 PM

  • Mixed 3.0 (one male spot opened up)

All are welcome to register and join the fun and competition!

Dartmouth League Openings

Our Dartmouth location is bustling with activity! Check out the latest league opportunities:

  • Mixed Novice Sundays at 2 PM

  • Women’s 3.0 Wednesdays at 10 AM (starts tomorrow, 1 spot left)

  • Mixed 3.0 Wednesdays at 6 PM (starts tomorrow, 1 spot left)

Secure your spot and be part of the action by registering here.

Dartmouth Drop-Ins Available

Great news! Dartmouth drop-ins are now available for booking. This is your chance to join the fun and play without the need for a prior league commitment. Whether you’re looking to practice your shots or just enjoy a casual game, our drop-in sessions are perfect for you. For details and to book your spot, register here!

New to Pickleball? Get Started with Our Intro Sessions

If you’re new to pickleball or looking to refresh your skills, our two-hour intro sessions are perfect for you:

Skills and Drills

Hone your skills at both our Bedford and Dartmouth locations with our skills and drills sessions, starting in April:

Stay Informed

For both newcomers and seasoned players, our FAQ page is an excellent resource for all your pickleball queries. Check it out to stay updated and informed.

Spring Physio Now Open at Our Dartmouth Facility

We’re excited to announce that Spring Physio has opened its doors within our Dartmouth facility today! Welcoming both appointments and drop-ins, Spring Physio is dedicated to keeping you active and on the court. Whether you need a tune-up, injury prevention, or rehabilitation, their expert team is here to support your health and wellness. Book your session now and stay in top form!

A Sunshiny Reminder

As the weather warms up and the sun shines brighter, let's keep the energy high and the bookings rolling! Every game you play with us makes a difference. Let's continue to grow, play, and enjoy the wonderful game of pickleball together.

Here’s to another week of great serves, volleys, and community spirit at CrossCourt Pickleball. We're excited to see you on the courts!

Yours in Pickleball,

Steve and Deanna

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