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Cross Court Newsletter June 11th

CrossCourt Pickleball Newsletter

From Steve and Deanna

Drops ins: As the weather gets warmer, we've noticed that people's schedules are changing, and some of our drop-in sessions are not filling as they used to. Underperforming drop-ins will be removed from the schedule. There's a tendency for some to wait until the last minute to sign up, hoping others will join first. We advise against this practice because it often results in not enough players, which could lead to your favorite drop-in being removed from the schedule until fall. Remember, you can sign up seven days in advance.

Remember to always do the right thing: Regarding court rentals, if your game time is up and no one is scheduled to come on the court, we don't mind if you finish your game. However, if you stay for more than just that game, please let us know so we can charge your account accordingly. This system relies on everyone doing the right thing.

FOBS: The key fobs are currently in Bedford. If you have not picked up your key fob yet, please do so within the next week. Fobs that aren't picked up may be recycled. If you've searched for your key fob and were unable to find it, please fill out this form.

League Openings


  • Saturday Rec Novice: at 4 PM

  • Saturday Women’s 3.0+: at 2 PM

  • Sunday 3.0+ Men’s: at 5 PM (Last Call)


  • Sunday 3.0+ Teams: at 10 AM

  • Monday Women’s 3.0: at 5 PM

  • Monday Mixed 3.0: at 7 PM

  • Tuesday All Gender Novice: at 5 PM

  • Wednesday Women’s 3.0: at 10 AM

  • Wednesday Mixed 3.0: at 6 PM

Dartmouth Drop-Ins & Skills and Drills

Refine your skills or just have fun at our drop-in sessions and Skills and Drills.

Intro to Pickleball Sessions

Perfect for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Fitness Classes at Spring Physiotherapy

Don't miss our free weekly Pickleball Fitness Classes every Wednesday morning. These sessions are designed to prevent injuries and enhance your performance.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation. Your involvement is what makes our CrossCourt community so special.

Remember to keep your energy up during game play (Yes Deanna always holds her food with two hands lol!)

Yours in Pickleball,

Steve and Deanna

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