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Cross Court Newsletter June 17th

CrossCourt Pickleball Newsletter

Summer DUPR League at CrossCourt

Join our Summer DUPR League to elevate your game and your DUPR rating! This competitive, self-directed, ladder-style league allows you to play rated DUPR matches that count towards your global pickleball rating. This format encourages consistent play and improvement, with matches organized by participants themselves. Alongside enhancing your skills competitively, participants gain free entry to the end-of-summer tournament—a perfect opportunity to showcase your progress. Don’t miss out on this chance to compete, improve, and connect with the community. For more details and to sign up, visit our Summer DUPR Ladder page.

New Youth Program in Bedford

We're excited to announce a new youth program in Bedford, aimed at introducing younger players to the sport of pickleball. This program focuses on skill development, understanding gameplay, and fostering a fun and friendly sports environment. It’s an excellent way for young players to start their pickleball journey with proper guidance and support. Discover more about this program and how to register on our Bedford Leagues page.

Dartmouth Drop-Ins & Skills and Drills

Enhance your game with our flexible scheduling and skill-building sessions at both our locations. Perfect for players looking to sharpen their skills or simply enjoy more pickleball play.

Intro to Pickleball Sessions

Are you new to pickleball or aiming to solidify your fundamentals? Our two-hour intro sessions are tailored for beginners and those looking to improve their basic skills:

  • Bedford: Mondays at 7 PM

  • Dartmouth: Thursdays at 7 PM

Get started on your pickleball journey by signing up here for Bedford and here for Dartmouth.

League Opening This Week in Dartmouth

  • Men’s Doubles at 9 AM: Engage in competitive doubles play this Saturday. It's a great opportunity to test your skills and compete in a team setting.

Key Fob Reminder

If you are missing your key fob or haven't picked it up yet, please fill out the form below to ensure you have access to our facilities without interruption.

Such a great showing again by Nova Scotia and Cross Court at the regional championships! Remember to send me your pics of you in your shirts if you have them!

Thank you for being an essential part of our community. Your active participation helps us continue to offer the best pickleball experience at CrossCourt.

Yours in Pickleball,

Steve and Deanna

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Sue Bennett
Sue Bennett

Congratulations to all in Atlantics! Fantastic!

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