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Cross Court Newsletter May 1

A Summer of Activity and Improvement at CrossCourt!

As we dive into the summer, we encourage everyone to stay active and engaged with CrossCourt. While enjoying your golf and beach days, remember to book with us at least once per week. We have exciting events and prizes planned for the end of the summer to celebrate our active members. An active CrossCourt member is defined as someone who books with us at least once per week—stay active and look forward to more and better opportunities to play pickleball!

CrossCourt Clothing: Gear Up Before Provincials

Our CrossCourt branded clothing line is designed for members to express their team spirit and enjoy rewards. Order this week to ensure you have your gear in time for the provincials.

  • Availability: Try on and purchase your CrossCourt apparel at our Dartmouth or Bedford locations.

  • Order and Win: Secure your gear right here. Winning a medal at a sanctioned tournament could earn you up to $50 in club credit.

  • Celebrate Your Success: Celebrate your achievements by sending us your podium photo in CrossCourt gear.

Exciting Addition: Youth Programming This Summer

We're excited to offer youth programming this summer, providing young athletes with a chance to learn pickleball, develop skills, and participate in healthy competition.

CrossCourt Member Perk…Pickleball Fitness Classes!

We’ve teamed up with our neighbours at Spring Physiotherapy to bring a FREE weekly Pickleball Fitness Class every Wednesday morning from 9:15am-9:45am starting today! (May 1). The class is led by a physiotherapist who will go through a 30 minute fitness class tailored to prevent common pickleball injuries. It promises to be fun, energetic and a great way to meet other pickleball players. Register by emailing or by calling 902-453-1525 extension 2. 

You can sign up for as many or as few classes as you wish! See you there!

Spring Physio is Seeking an RMT

Spring Physio at our Dartmouth location is seeking a Registered Massage Therapist who is a good fit for the pickleball community.

  • Career Opportunity: More details and contact information can be found here. Please direct introductions to Heather at

Update on Our Locking Systems

We are updating our locking systems to enhance security and accessibility. Unfortunately, the new lock will not fit the existing door at Bedford, requiring us to purchase a new door. Please be patient as we work to improve our facilities.

Testing a New Rating System for Club Leagues

We are testing a new rating system using the Swish app for most of our leagues, with the option to send league games to DUPR for more global recognition. This transition period will help us refine the system and ensure that your games count both locally and globally.

League Openings

Check out the leagues starting this week in Bedford:

  • Men’s 3.0+: Sundays at 5 PM

  • Men’s 3.25+: Sundays at 5 PM

  • Bedford 3.5+ Team League: Sundays at 7 PM

  • Women’s Novice: Mondays at 4 PM

  • Women’s 3.0: Tuesdays at 12 PM

  • Women’s Novice: Thursdays at 2 PM

  • Women’s 3.0: Thursdays at 4 PM

Join the excitement and be a part of our competitive community. Register for Bedford leagues here.

Dartmouth Drop-Ins & Skills and Drills

Enhance your game with our drop-ins and Skills and Drills sessions available at both Bedford and Dartmouth:

Intro to Pickleball Sessions

Join our two-hour intro sessions for beginners:

  • Bedford: Mondays at 7 PM

  • Dartmouth: Thursdays at 7 PM

Sign up here for Bedford and here for Dartmouth to start your pickleball journey.

We're committed to providing the best possible experience for all members of the CrossCourt community. Your participation helps us continue to refine and enhance our offerings. Stay active, engage in our leagues, and help us grow together!

Yours in Pickleball, The CrossCourt Team

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