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June 3 Cross Court Newsletter

This week from From Steve and Deanna :)

We're actively working behind the scenes to get all games that failed to upload to DUPR, due to our issues with Swish, correctly updated. This is a substantial effort, and we truly appreciate your patience during this process. We are also working on a replacement for swish which we hope to have rolled out very soon.

We've sent out an email with a temporary code for the lockbox—please read that email very carefully. Use that code only if you don't have your key fob. If you cannot find your key fob on the list, please fill out this form and we will create a new one for you. If you've already filled out the form a couple of days ago, rest assured that your fobs have been created and placed in the boxes.

As the weather warms up, it's more important than ever to support your pickleball club. Staying active and engaged helps us continue to provide a great community and service for everyone.

League Openings This Week in Bedford

  • Friday at 6 PM: 3.0+ DUPR Teams

  • Sunday at 5 PM: 3.0+ Men’s

  • Sunday at 7 PM: DUPR Teams

  • Tuesday at 12 PM: 3.0+ Women’s

  • Wednesday at 3 PM: Men’s 3.0+

Leagues Still Looking for Players in Dartmouth and Bedford

  • Saturday at 9 AM in Dartmouth: 3.0+ Men’s

  • Sunday at 9 AM in Bedford: 3.25+ DUPR Women’s

Note: Leagues labeled with "DUPR" require a specific rating to join. If the league says "teams," you are to join with a teammate and will stay with that teammate throughout the league. All other leagues do not require a partner as partners are randomized.

CrossCourt Clothing: Gear Up for Competitive Play

With the competitive season in full swing, ensure you’re equipped with CrossCourt apparel. Remember, to qualify for club credit when you medal at sanctioned events, you must be an active CrossCourt member with regular bookings.

Youth Programming Continues This Summer

Don't forget about our exciting youth programs this summer. It’s a fantastic way for young players to develop their skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Dartmouth Drop-Ins & Skills and Drills

Refine your skills or just have fun at our drop-in sessions and Skills and Drills.

Intro to Pickleball Sessions

Perfect for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Fitness Classes at Spring Physiotherapy

Don't miss our free weekly Pickleball Fitness Classes every Wednesday morning. These sessions are designed to prevent injuries and enhance your performance.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation. Your involvement is what makes our CrossCourt community so special.

Don't forget to check out the new demo paddles at both locations.

Yours in Pickleball,

Steve and Deanna

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